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RSS FeedEpisode #51 Magic

Posted by Paul on 18 Aug 2016 10:08am

From David Blaine to the odd folk that think it’s ok hoodwinking children at parties, magic is one of those industries with a myth in the middle.  Like a pyramid scheme, perhaps.  Or Morm….   From a land rich with the magic of the druids, the Gandalfs and the Tommy Coopers, join Rick & Paul as they waggle their wands and jab them into your ears.   A safe for work comedy podcast

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RSS FeedEpisode #50 The Prohibition

Posted by Rick on 11 Aug 2016 17:08pm

Can you keep a secret? There's a new place in town where you can get liquored up and listen to two chaps chat about the scourge of the prohibition see. That's right, this week Rick and Paul have travelled back in time to dine and wine in 1920's America. To put right what once went so very wrong. Remember not being able to drink? Ugh, I have an anti-hangover just thinking about it. Come join us! There's wine, beer, it literally rains alcohol in here. Stick your tongue out, and ears for that matter, and have a jolly good listen/lick.   Rick and Paul, a British comedy podcast. Safe for Work, though probably not entirely safe for fans of the temperance movement.

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RSS FeedEpisode #49 The Olympics

Posted by Paul on 04 Aug 2016 10:08am

The Olympic Games.     The roar of the crowd, the pantheon of the greats and those funny laurel hats and flowers given to champion weight-lifters.  The Olympics is that grand occasion which legitimises adults spending their best years in lycra, striving for the ultimate in human achievement in imperative things like throwing a Frisbee a little bit further.   On your marks, get set, go listen to Rick and Paul’s clean comedy podcast. 

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RSS FeedEpisode #48 Aliens!

Posted by Rick on 28 Jul 2016 11:07am

Remember when, nobly sacrificing himself, Jar Jar Binks the Ewok piloted the Starship Enterprise into the fiery depths of Mount Doom?  ALF, his co-pilot, steadfast alongside him;  a furry hand on his thrice-capped knee.  Before them both a picture of their parents, Luke Skywalker and Buzz Lightyear, slowly burning on their…I want to say dashboard?   Aliens.  Star Wars, Star Trek and Alien Nation, these little monsters are more enmeshed in our culture than fictional beings should be.  But if the space that’s out there is infinite, we’re presented with infinite possibilities.  Not only should aliens be real, some should be proficient with the unicycle.   Besides, aliens MUST be real.  How else would Donald Trump be a thing?   Join Rick and Paul in their SFW comedy podcast

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RSS FeedEpisode #47 Romantic Comedies

Posted by Paul on 21 Jul 2016 17:07pm

A half-hour SFW comedy podcast.   A story that dates back to the cavemen.   Boy meets girl.  Girl is thoroughly underwhelmed.  Boy has mishap after mishap dumped on him.  Girl, through dramatic convention, must pity the boy.   And marry him.   The Rom-Com.  From Cary Grant to Hugh Grant , here’s a genre that allows the flourishing of men too weak for the action role.   Join Rick and Paul as they dispense their pellets of romantic wisdom gleaned from the Silver Screen.

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