Vote for Julius Caesar

Rick (Caeser Salad-iators)
Paul (Caeser Please Her)
Alan (Sieze her? Think Caeser!)


RSS FeedEpisode #56 Julius Caesar

Posted by Rick on 22 Sep 2016 17:09pm

‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ reads the most predictable of our show blurbs to date.  Lend us you ears.  For half an hour anyhow.   Behold Caesar.  Emperor of Rome.  Scrawniest of dogs.  Inventor of salads.  Rick and Paul, from the safety of two Millennia on, discuss the big man’s lust for battle, his hunger for fame and his much-rumoured epilepsy in a feature almost-entitled ‘The Caesar Seizures’.   A clean comedy podcast.

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RSS FeedEpisode #55 The Army

Posted by Paul on 15 Sep 2016 17:09pm

Where does William Wallace hide his armies? Just above his handies. Boom. That’s just one of the incredible jokes that haven’t even made the cut for the show. Armies eh? Goodies, baddies and the miserable, meeker folk who have to carry their flags. An unfortunate necessity and a beacon for the bravest, armies fight wars, topple governments and are drafted in when Godzilla comes flouncing about. Join Rick and Paul as they get closer to the armed forces then they ever thought possible. A clean comedy podcast.

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RSS FeedEpisode #54 The Circus

Posted by Rick on 08 Sep 2016 11:09am

Roll up! Roll up! The greatest show on earth! You'll be amazed by a flying Rick on a trapeze. Gasp in awe as Paul sticks his head in a lion's mouth.  This week Rick and Paul join the circus. Will they look beautiful in their leotards? Or more like Borat in his mankini.   The Circus is a terrifying place and it needs fixing quick. This episode is for everyone, even if you're terrified of clowns; Rick and Paul heal those too. They laugh in their face. They weren't expecting that.   A fine example of a British safe for work comedy podcast.

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RSS FeedEpisode #53 Dinosaurs

Posted by Paul on 01 Sep 2016 10:09am

Poor dinosaurs. They had their chance on the earth and blew it.  They had a pretty good innings though; dinosaurs were around for 65 million years, and us plucky humans barely scrape by with 200,000 years under our belts. But then we do have smartphones. Take that T-Rex, don't be such a dino-sore loser. This week Rick and Paul give Barney, Yoshi and Dino another shot and set about healing their world. Rick's armed with a tranquilizer dart and will do his very best to avoid Paul's head as they hunt down our reptilian ancestors. A comedy podcast..wait. There's something right behind you! ...clever girl.

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RSS FeedEpisode #52 Kids TV

Posted by Rick on 25 Aug 2016 11:08am

Oh the wonders of youth. My Little Pony, He-Man, Captain Planet and Teddy Ruxpin. The original A-Team lineup left a lot to be desired. If you look back on your youth with rose-tinted spectacles, for heaven's sake remove them. You weren't born in the 1960's were you?  Rick and Paul tell it like it is. The past is full of terrible kids shows, desperate kids presenters, with plastic smiles and and a lust for a better life. But the British duo aren't content with complaining, for this despair is an opportunity for change! They'll offer up ideas to fix all that's wrong and won't even charge you a penny for the priviledge.  Finally you can buy that G.I.Joe you've had your eye on for a while.  

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