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RSS FeedEpisode #60 The 1980s

Posted by Rick on 20 Oct 2016 11:10am

The 1980s   The decade that gave us Back to the Future, Nintendo and the collapse of the Berlin Wall and with it, the Cold War.  Would we have traded it all though, for better fashion?   But no, NO, we’ll not cheapen ourselves with hair puns.  But what then, will the show entail?   Here to mullet over are Rick & Paul in their Safe for Work comedy podcast. 

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RSS FeedEpisode #59 American Presidents

Posted by Paul on 13 Oct 2016 10:10am

The President.  The leader of the free world.   The people both responsible for the safety of the global populous and quotes such as; “Trees kill more people that automobiles do,” “They misunderestimated me” and “Facts are stupid things”.   As Trump and Clinton serenade each other with hatred, bile & internet memes, Rick and Paul delve in and question whether it was ever thus.   A safe for work comedy podcast.

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RSS FeedEpisode #58 Cowboys

Posted by Rick on 06 Oct 2016 17:10pm

Howdi there pardners…     Like the dinosaurs, cowboys have been mythologised by television, died out way too early and, if you subscribe to some rlgs views, they never actually existed at all.   But are they all  as they seem?  For every John Wayne there’s a Marion Morrison.  For every Clint Eastwood there’s a Rhinestone Cowboy  and for every Jesse James there’s a Cher.   Saddle up partners, and ride into the safe for work comedy sunset.

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RSS FeedEpisode #57 The Rainforest

Posted by Paul on 29 Sep 2016 17:09pm

The rainforest. Home to curious animals, undiscovered tribes and a massive canopy that we wouldn’t even drink if you paid us.   Deforestation was the buzz ecological phrase of the Eighties yet it continues unabated.  Like tracksuits.  And Meatloaf.  What better way to deal with the problem of the scorched Earth of the Amazonian basin than on a comedy podcast from a sofa in the UK?   You’re welcome World.

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RSS FeedEpisode #56 Julius Caesar

Posted by Rick on 22 Sep 2016 17:09pm

‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ reads the most predictable of our show blurbs to date.  Lend us you ears.  For half an hour anyhow.   Behold Caesar.  Emperor of Rome.  Scrawniest of dogs.  Inventor of salads.  Rick and Paul, from the safety of two Millennia on, discuss the big man’s lust for battle, his hunger for fame and his much-rumoured epilepsy in a feature almost-entitled ‘The Caesar Seizures’.   A clean comedy podcast.

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