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RSS FeedEpisode #77 Time Travel

Posted by Rick on 16 Feb 2017 17:02pm

What do we want? Time travel? When do we want it? Er...
Come and join the ride as Rick and Paul use their galactic intellects/Googling to explore the mysteries of space and time.
A safe for work comedy podcast.

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RSS FeedEpisode #76 The Media

Posted by Paul on 09 Feb 2017 12:02pm

The Media; a tricky thing to define.Once it meant newspapers. Then radio and newspapers.  Then TV and radio and newspapers. Now, every spotty teenager with an iPhone can, with some creative video work, get his views out to the world in its entirety.The 'me' in 'media' has never been so stated. When a Kim Kardashian comment on quantum physics will be read by more eyes than anything by a Nobel Prize winner in the field, Rick and Paul. Fields.

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RSS FeedEpisode #75 Spies

Posted by Rick on 02 Feb 2017 13:02pm

Shh. Spies. Spies Everywhere. Wikileaks! Snowden! Julian Assange! Right, that's got us on a few watchlists. Any publicity is good publicity and all that. Come and join Rick and Paul as they REVEAL THE LOCATION OF EVERY SPY ON EARTH* in this safe for work comedy podcast. * We don't* * Or do we?

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RSS FeedEpisode #74 Historical Baddies #1

Posted by Paul on 26 Jan 2017 18:01pm

Having not delved into the murky past for a while, Rick and Paul, with deliberate non-specificity, are here to heal baddies. Baddies #1 that is as we'll undoubtedly do this again. Appealing to that wicked part of human nature, baddies go down in history with far more adulation than your typical wet blankets. Remember Walter from the Beano? No? That's because Dennis the Menace ate him. Come and bring your ears for a trip through horrors past. Ooga booga.

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RSS FeedEpisode #73 Disney

Posted by Rick on 19 Jan 2017 12:01pm

Hi ho there. Once upon a time, two men, one with a head of generous proportions, ventured forth to heal multi-billion dollar corporation Disney for your aural delight. We toyed with adding a few song puns in, Bare Necessities of show descriptions past but puns annoy some folk. If you think you can do better, Be Our Guest. You're probably getting a bit irritated with the song puns, aren't you?  Why don't you just let it go..?

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