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Episode #17. Christmas Traditions

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Posted by Paul on 24 Dec 2015 12:00pm

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It's Christmas! We all share that memory of waiting for Santa to heave his bulging sack down the chimney. We remember leaving a trail of biscuits to tempt him, alcohol to befuddle him and mousetraps to finally finish the hirsute old trespasser off. There's no time of year more ready for tradition to be superimposed by two British chums of questionable sentimentality.

Mistletoe! Family Sing Songs! Frozen! All of these are traditions with which people, to this day, still mistakenly dabble.

We've our own idea on how to bring out the festivities. Let's take you back to when the excitement was palpable and you needed no humorous Christmas jumper to remind yourself just how merry you are.

Kick back, point your sofa at the Christmas tree and play this podcast. Maybe do it over the Queen's speech with the sound of the telly. I bet that'd be ace.