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Episode #18. Parties

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Posted by Rick on 31 Dec 2015 19:00pm

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P - A - R - T - Why? Because other people tell us we have to. With New Year's drunkenly lifting our letter box and tell us how lovely we are, it's time to realise that the party season is upon us and it's time to jig with the masses.

Parties are defined as gatherings of people; 70% of whom at least pretend to be enjoying themselves. Party hats, paper plates and goody bags. And the Superman song. There's scope here. Scope for healing, and Rick and Paul are on the case.

Should old acquaintance be forgot? Should we really consider the sake of Auld Lang Syne? Should men dance?

Listen as we examine the evidence and make every party in the world a billion times better.

There's a party in your ears and everyone's invited.