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Episode #31. Everything II (Quickly)

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Posted by Paul on 31 Mar 2016 11:03am

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Life is a journey, with so many problems and so little time to fix them all. Stop walking through life, it's all aboard the express train to Healington Central! Who's stoking the fire and peeping the whistle? It's only Rick and Paul, where once again they perform the impossible; They...heal...everything. Toot toot!

'They can't heal everything!' You cry. Hush now, you've got a first class seat on this train, and it's fuelled by the problems of this world. Hate chewing gum welded to the streets do you? What about the complexity of space travel? I bet you just hate a queue jumping senior citizen. Rick and Paul will solve all these problems and more in one single episode. You'll be left agog and aghast at the wonders that await you when you're safely delivered to your destination in a brand new fixed up world.

You're very welcome.