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Episode #32. Modern Music

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Posted by Rick on 07 Apr 2016 17:04pm

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You’re at a gig.  You’ve paid a load of cash to hear your favourite band sing your favourite song.  The chorus comes up, you hold your breath in excitement knowing you’ll always remember this moment and they HOLD THE MICROPHONE TO THE CROWD SO THE PAYING PUNTERS CAN SING.

Could’ve done that at home.  For free.  You rotter.

Modern music is a con, a swizz.  When the present-day troubadours are not inventing words and meat-based dresses, they encourage violence through grunts and half-rhymes.  Forget the Mods vs. the Rockers.  We’ve got Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift.

Beliebers vs. Directioneers? Nonsense. WE’VE got a direction for your ears.

To Rick and Paul!  Yay!