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Episode #81. How To Behave In Public

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Posted by Rick on 16 Mar 2017 12:03pm

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What would you consider to be the cutest animal?  Some of you would say a baby kangaroo, perhaps.  Some a spring lamb.  Marsupials may well rise to the top of the list, you say Koala, I say King Cobra but there is one, unifying factor typical of our species: most people would tend to agree that most people are awful.     We live in polemic times where there seems to be more talk of left and right than on a Sergeant Major-led march.  But that is pre-dated by the judgement we all pass on the pusher-inner in a queue.  The commuting nail-clipper.  The hugger.   We are not particular fans of judgemental folk.  Listen in as Rick & Paul pass  judgement on them.   A clean comedy podcast.