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You can listen to our podcast right here on the website, but you'll never miss an episode and get it before anyone else if you subscribe. There are few different ways to do this depending on your set up.

iPhones and Mac OS

Visit our page on iTunes here and click subscribe. Gosh, that was terribly easy.

Android phones

You've got a few choices here, there are loads of podcast apps available. Just download whichever one you like and search for 'Rick and Paul Heal the World'. Here are few good ones;

Podcast Addict
Podcast Republic

And if you've already got a podcast app, you can normally just click on our RSS feed and it'll open in your app. Our RSS feed is here

Everywhere else

As if that's not enough you can also find us on

Tune In Radio

If you can't find us on your favourite listening device, let us know and we'll do our best to sort that out, we're good people. You can email us here